10 Days North Xinjiang Culture Tour

Day 1

Arrival in Urumqi


Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province, is the entrance point of this memorable Silk Road adventure. Once you arrive at the airport, your local guide will meet and assist you to the downtown hotel. The rest of today is left free, have a rest or roam the local streets nearby on your own. Stay overnight at Urumqi.

Day 2

Urumqi - Fuyun, 480KM, about 8-9 hours’ drive


High lights: Multi Colored Bay,Fiery Mountain,boundless Gurban Tunggut Desert, Karamay Wild Animal Protection Area

After breakfast, drive to Fuyun to enjoy the natural landscapes here. Multi Colored Bay is your first destination. Admire the uncanny workmanship of nature here as you will have an imposing view of a typical Yardan land form composed of numerous colorful hills and odd rocks. Next, go to the Fiery Mountain on the National road from Urumqi to Altay City. Compared with the Flaming Mountain in Turpan, Fiery Mountain got its name for its color, the reddish brown color seems that all the mountains are flaming. Have an unforgettable experience by enjoying the wonderful and majestic view of the Fiery Mountain before you head to the boundless Gurban Tunggut Desert, which is the second largest desert in China. Last but not least, have an interesting experience in the Karamay Wild Animal Protection Area, where you will have a chance to witness many wild horses, camels or deer. You can stop to take photos at any time you want. Stay overnight at Fuyun.

Day 3

Fuyun - Burqin, 360KM, about 7-8 hours’ drive


High lights: Koktokay National Geopark

Leave for Burqin this morning. Stop to visit Koktokay National Geopark (sightseeing bus included), is an ideal place for sightseeing, vacationing, hiking, photographing and scientific expedition. The geopark consists of four major parts: the Irtysh Grand Canyon, Cocoa Sullivan Lake, Ilaymu Lake and Kalaxianger Earthquake Fault Zone. As a small county in the border area with Russia, Kazakstan and Mongolia, Burqin is the last stop before you get to the Kanas Lake. Upon your arrival, have the rest of the day to explore this small county on your own. Stay overnight at Burqin.

Day 4

Burqin - Kanas Lake, 140KM, about 3 hours’ drive


High lights: Kanas Lake

This morning, take a 3 hours’ drive to Jiadengyu, which is the entrance gate of Kanas Lake, take the local shuttle bus to Kanas Lake. Once you get to the lake, transfer to a boat to continue your trip in this spectacular place. Along the way you will pass through the Laying Dragon Bay, Immortal Bay and Moon Bay, immerse yourself into the enchanting scenery along the two banks. Do not forget to take some photos. In the late afternoon, returns to Jiadengyu for retire. Stay overnight at Jiadengyu.

Day 5

Kanas Lake Sightseeing


High lights: Kanas Lake,Watching Fish Pavilion,Hemu Village,Tuwa families

Today is the second day to enjoy the beauty of Kanas Lake as you will take the shuttle bus up to the top of Watching Fish Pavilion where you can have a bird eyes view of the lake. See the mountains surrounding the lake are covered with dense alpine forests and white snow on the top. In the afternoon, take the shuttle bus to the Hemu Village to visit some local Tuwa families. This small place has been ranked by China National Geography as one of the six most beautiful villages in China. Have a rest in the hotels of Hemu Village. Stay overnight at Hemu.

Day 6

Kanas Lake - Burqin, 140KM, about 3 hours’ drive


High lights: Sunrise at Hemu Village, Colorful Beach, Irtysh River

Morning enjoy the sunrise at Hemu Village. Then you can choose to ride a horse or just walk around in the village. Visit some Tuwa people to be deeply impressed by their simple life style and character. After having lunch in the village, drive back to Burqin and prepare for the next day. En route, stop to visit the Colorful Beach also called Rainbow Beach or Multicolored Beach, is located in the Irtysh River, a typical landform formed by the longtime of water and wind erosion. Stay overnight at Burqin.

Day 7

Burqin - Dushanzi, 470KM, about 7 hours’ drive


High lights: Yardang landform, Devils City, Hundred Miles Oil Zone

Morning drive further to the south. Stop at Karamay when you drive through the western edge of Dzungarian Basin, and explore the unique Yardang landform here. One typical attraction is the Devils City (incl. shuttle train). This place is named as such for just the wind rather than its appearance. Be impressed by the raised stratum which has been carved into great mounds with various shapes. Next with a visit to the Hundred Miles Oil Zone, then drive to Dushanzi for overnight. Stay overnight at Dushanzi.

Day 8

Dushanzi - Urumqi, 400KM, about 6 hours’ drive


High lights: Tianchi Lake (heavenly lake )

Today we will drive back to Urumqi. Today’s highlight is the Tianchi Lake (shuttle bus, battery cart and boat ride included). With the melted snow from Tianshan Mountain as its source, the lake presents a shape which resembles a crystal crescent. Spend half of the day to walk along the shore or boat on the lake and see the ever-changing silvery mountains highlighted with verdant grassland and flamboyant wild flowers, soaring into the blue sky.

Day 9

Urumqi - Turpan, 200KM, about 3 hours’ drive


High lights: Tuyuk Valley, Gaochang Ruins, Astana Tomb, Bezeklik Thousand Caves, Flaming Mountains & Grape Valley

After breakfast, say farewell to Urumqi as you will drive to Turpan, an oasis city located in the southeast. You will witness the largest wind power station in China along the highway. Firstly go to the Tuyuk Valley to visit a local village, and enjoy a traditional Uyghur lunch here. Then visit Gaochang Ruins, an ancient city where you will still recognize the temple, city wall and feel the past magnificence. This city is composed of an outer, inner and a palace city. Spend two or more hours to walk around and explore the residence left by ancient Gaochang people. Followed with a visit to the Astana Tomb, a serious of underground graves situated in the Gobi desert in north of Gaochang city. The most exciting part here is to see the well preserved mummies, which was completely dried by the particular natural environment, Then visit the Bezeklik Thousand Caves, which was once the royal temple of Huihu (the predecessor of today’s Uyghur) State. The inscriptions left are also authentic reference for historic research. End the tour today by viewing the unique scenery of the Flaming Mountains & Grape Valley, then drive back to the hotel for retire.

Day 10

Turpan - Urumqi airport, 220km, 3.5hours


High Lights: Jiaohe Ruins, Karez Well

The first destination of today’s trip is the Jiaohe Ruins, which is currently the largest and oldest earth city in the world. The remains you see today were descended from the Tang Dynasty. Most of them are well preserved due to the high location and dry climate. In Turpan, visit the Karez Well, an ancient irrigation system with a long history of 2,000 years. These wells are made up of vertical wells, underground canals, above-ground canals and small reservoirs. During your stay in the underground canals, you will find this place is also a perfect escape from the intense heat of Turpan.Then drive back to the Urumqi airport and say farewell to your local guide. End of the tour.