10 Days North Xinjiang Culture Tour

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Urumqi - Fuyun - Burqin - Kanas lake - Karamay - Dushanzi - Heavenly Lake - Urumqi - Turpan - Urumqi


Xinjiang is big and there are so many things to see, so many different cultures, landscapes, people. you will be astonished while you find out almost every step is new color. Enjoy the masterpiece of nature, feel the long history and witness the rich culture along the Silk Road.

Day 1

Arrival in Urumqi


Our guide will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel. You can arrange the rest of your day freely, whether taking a nap at the hotel or venturing the local streets to experience different life. While entering Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, you will start your unforgettable Silk Road adventure. We will stay overnight at this amazing city.

Day 2

Urumqi to Fuyun, 480KM, about 8-9 hours’ drive


Multi Colored Bay, Fiery Mountainous Landscape, boundless Gurban Tunggut Desert, Karamay Wild Animal Protection Area.

When finishing breakfast, we will head to Fuyun to enjoy the natural landscapes. Our first stop is Multi-colored Bay. By admiring the extraordinary work of nature, you will get an impressive view of a typical Yardan land form composed of numerous colorful hills and odd rocks. After that, the Fiery Mountain on the National road from Urumqi to Altay City awaits you. It is way different from the Flaming Mountain in Turpan, because Fiery Mountain distinguish itself by its color, when you look at it, its reddish brown color makes you feel that all the mountains are burning. After having an incredible experience by the view of the wonderful and fantastic Fiery Mountain, we will move to the second largest desert in China, boundless Gurban Tunggut Desert. Then we will drive through the Karamay Wild Animal Protection Area, where is the place for many wild animals like horses, camels or deer. During any of your stop, you are free to take photos. We will stay overnight at Fuyun.

Day 3

Fuyun - Burqin, 360KM, about 7-8 hours’ drive


Koktokay National Geopark

We will move ahead to Koktokay National Geopark in the morning. On our way there, we can take a break and visit the Cocoa Sullivan Lake, Ilaymu Lake. Koktokay National Geopark is always an ideal place for sightseeing, vacationing, hiking, photographing and scientific expedition. It consists of four major parts: the Irtysh Grand Canyon, Cocoa Sullivan Lake, Ilaymu Lake and Kalaxianger Earthquake Fault Zone. Burqin is our last stop today before approaching the Kanas Lake. After arriving this county, you can spend the rest of the day to experience by yourself, you can go the night market. Overnight in Burqin.

Day 4

Burqin - Kanas Lake, 140KM, about 3 hours’ drive


Kanas Lake

In the morning, we will drive for 3 hours to Jiadengyu, the entrance gate of Kanas Lake, after lunch we will go to the Kanas lake by shuttle bus. On our arrival there, you can continue to explore this fascinating place by boat. On the way back to Jiadengyu, you will lose yourself in the breathtaking view on both sides like the Laying Dragon Bay, Immortal Bay and Moon Bay. You can memorize this beautiful trip by photos. We will head back to Jiadengyu for a break in the afternoon and stay there for one night.

Day 5

Kanas Lake Tour


Kanas Lake, Watching Fish Pavilion, Hemu Village, Tuwa families

Today is the second day of your Kanas lake tour, you will continue to explore the fascinating Kanas Lake. When you get there, the shuttle bus will take you to the top of Watching Fish Pavilion. It is an ideal place where you can have an overall view of the lake. You can see that the lake is surrounded by many mountains covered with dense alpine forests and white snow on top of them. After lunch at Jiadenguy, we take another shuttle bus to Hemu Village where you can experience the local culture by visiting some Tuwa families. This small village is famous for bring ranked as one of the six most beautiful villages in China by China National Geography. You will spend the night in Hemu Village.

Day 6

Kanas Lake - Burqin, 140KM, about 3 hours’ drive


Sunrise at Hemu Village, Colorful Beach, Irtysh River

Today we wake up before sunrise, we either ride a horse or walk to the mountain hill to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, and explore the all Hemu village from high location. After Breakfast, we take the Shuttle bus and back to Jiadengyu. We will have lunch at Jiadengyu and take our own bus to Burqin. On the way, we will stop and admire the Colorful Beach, it is also called Rainbow Beach or Multicolored Beach located in the Irtysh River. Its unique landform is due to the long erosion of water and wind. You will spend the night at Burqin to prepare the trip for next day.

Day 7

Burqin - Dushanzi, 470KM, about 7 hours’ drive


Yardan landform, Devils City, Hundred Miles Oil Zone

After having breakfast, you will head south to continue the trip. While approaching the western edge of the Junggar Basin, you can see the distinctive and famous Yardang landform. The Devils City must be an attractive view for you and it gets its name because of the special landform and the creepy sound caused by the strong wind. Then we drive to Dushanzi along the Hundred Miles Oil Zone. Overnight in Dushanzi.

Day 8

Dushanzi - Urumqi, 400KM, about 6 hours’ drive


Tianchi Lake (heavenly lake)

In the morning, we travel to Heavenly lake near Urumqi, also called Tianchi in Chinese, Tianchi Lake(heavenly lake) which is the most highly recommended place for travelling in Xinjiang. After arriving the entrance office, you will transfer to shuttle bus and battery cart to get the lake, it is 1980m above sea level, you can take boat to continue other activities. Tianchi Lake is sourced by the melted snow from Tianshan mountain, and you can spend some hours to wander around the shore and forests to enjoy the breathtaking view of the silvery mountain decorated by emerald grassland and beautiful wild flowers.

Day 9

Urumqi - Turpan, 200KM, about 3 hours’ drive


Dabancheng wind power station, Salt Lake, Flaming Mountains, Tuyuk Village, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

We travel to Turpan early in the morning, on the way we will see the Dabancheng wind power station, it is the largest wind power station in China, started to produce electricity since 1982. Soon after, we will see Salt Lake which contains 300g salt in each Liter water. Our first stop will be Tuyuk village, which is 60km east of Turpan city. We will see Flaming mountain on the way to east, it is the eastern part of Tianshan mountain, 100km long and 10km wide, the hottest place in Turpan. In July, the surface temperature can get 80 degree. we will have lunch at local Uyghur family in Tuyuk village before visit it. Tuyuk village is famous for its long history and mixed religious culture, has a history of 1700 years. After this we will drive to Bezeklik Thousand Buddha caves, it can be traced back to 5th century, most of the caves were built during the Idkut Uyghur kingdom(9th-14th century), where you enjoy the ancient arts of Xinjiang people. We drive back to Turpan city for overnight.

Day 10

Turpan - Urumqi airport, 220km, 3.5hours


Jiaohe Ruins, Karez Well

Today we will visit the Jiaohe Ruins, it is known as the largest and oldest ruined city in China. The relics there can be traced back to the 300BC. Thanks to the high location and dry climate, most of the relics are well preserved. After this amazing historical site, you will proceed to visit the Karez Wells, an ancient irrigation system. Boasted with a long history of 2,000 years, these wells consist of vertical wells, underground canals, above-ground canals and small reservoirs. While staying in the underground canals, you can perfectly get away from the intense heat of Turpan. After this final part of your trip, we will drive to the Urumqi airport where you can say farewell to your guide, as well as to this unforgettable trip.

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