12 Days Overland Self-Drive/Motorcycle Tour in Xinjiang China from Mongolia to Pakistan

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Mongolia - Takeshiken Pass - Altay - Qitay - Turpan - Korla - Aksu - Kashgar - Karakorum Highway - Tashkorgan - Khonjirap Pass - Pakistan


Xinjiang is big, makes one six of the Chinese total territory. Tianshan mountains run middle of the Xinjiang from west to east, and divide it into two part. North Xinjiang is more wet and has vast grasslands, green mountains. South Xinjiang is bigger and very dry, has rich culture and long history, has world second largest shifting sand desert – Taklamakan Desert. You will enter China from Mongolia via Takeshiken pass, which belong to the North Xinjiang, we will do the Chinese License and Number plate process in Altay, then we will travel to Turpan and Kashgar, we will exit China to Pakistan via Khonjirap pass, but you can also exit to Kyrgyzstan if you like.

This is very flexible tour, you can also travel opposite direction along the same destinations, you can enter China from Pakistan via Khonjirap Pass or from Kyrgyzstan, and Exit from China to Mongolia via Takeshiken pass.

Day 1

Mongolia to Takeshiken Town via Takeshiken pass


We take an overland tour to Xinjiang China via Takeshiken pass from Mongolia, we will meet our Chinese tour guide at the border and drive to the Takeshiken town for overnight.

Day 2

Finish the custom clearance


We will spend one more day in this town to finish the custom work, of course we can leave if the work finish early.

Day 3

Drive to Qinghe or Altay to Do the license and number plate process


We will travel to Qinghe or Altay city to get the Chinese Lisence and number plate.

Day 4

Finish the license process

Day 5

Altay to Qitay city, 600km,8hourse


From the early morning we take a self-driving/motorcycle tour to the Qitay city through the Kurban Tonggut desert, a semi desert and second largest in China.

Day 6

Qitay to Turpan,400km,6hourse


Turpan is very famous historical and cultural city along the silk road, and once the capital of around area during the silk road, overland tour to Turpan is very worth for your trip and make it unforgettable.

Day 7

Turpan to Korla, 370km,5.5hourse


Travelling overland from Turpan to Korla, on the road you will see the long dry mountains and big deserts, and drive through some mountain pass, before Korla you will take a tour to Golden beach of Bosten lake which is largest land fresh water lake in China, it is very fun there, you can compare the difference of each places of Xinjiang.

Day 8

Korla to Aksu 560km, 7hourse


Today we self drive/ride to Aksu on the highway, the road is very good and you can stop some service area for break.

Day 9

Aksu to Kashgar, 450km, 6hourse


Another Historical and Cultural city during the silk road awaits you today, you take a overland tour to kashgar and enjoy it’s unique culture and people.

Day 10

Kashgar tour


Take a city tour to Kashgar by yourself and take some rest, Kashgar old town, Bazaars are very interesting, feel the old silk road city Kashgar.

Day 11

kashgar to Tashkorgan (300km)


We take a self driving/motorcycle tour from Kashgar to Tashkorgan along the Karakorom high way(KKH), during the trip enjoy the local villages, colorful mountains, snowcapped mountain of Muztagh ata and Karakol lake.

Day 12

Tashkorgan to Pakistan via Khonjirap pass(125km till border)


In the morning, we go to the immigration office in Tashkorgan to finish the border formalities, afternoon take an overland travel to Pakistan throuth the highest border pass in the world the Konjirap pass, your 12 Days Overland Self-Drive/Motorcycle Tour in Xinjiang China from Mongolia to Pakistan ends here.

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Service include


1.Tour guide fee

2.Custom clearance fee

3.Permit fee
4.Chinese license and  number plate

5.Vehicle examination fee
6.Insurance fee for vehicle

7.Guiding vehicle fee: (Motorcycle needs to be guided by a car on all roads, it is also for tour guide transportation)

8.Hotel fee for guide and driver

9.Meals fee for guide and driver

10.Hotel for you,(3star, standard room with two bed, 2 person one room)

Service exclude

  1. Meal fee for clients,
  2. Fuel,parking and toll gate fee for your own bike

3.Tourist spot entrance ticket fee

4.Tip for guide and Other own expenses


Note: It is not allowed to get driving license above 70years old.

Needed passenger’s information


Whole name


Birth Date



Passport Number

Passport Valid date

Driving license number

Driving license Valid date

– One Jpeg image each of your passport, driver license,

– One photo head shot of the driver(s) and rider(s)

Needed vehicle’s information



Vehicle brand and Model No

Engine Number

Frame number

Plate number


Fuel Type

Vehicle owner

Seat Number

output volume

Vehicle Weight

Production date(year,month, day)

Vehicle Value

– One Jpeg image of your vehicle registration.

– Four photographs of your car/bike, from the front, back and the the right and left sides.