18 Days K2 Trekking Adventure tour


K2 is second highest and hardest challenging peak ever to climb on Earth, it is located in the heart of Karakoram Mountain range right on the border between China and Pakistani Kashmir region if you would like to do some adjustment in this Itinerary or if you want detailed price quotation please feel free to email us at: info@westchinaexpeditions.com, if there are any place don’t satisfied we can adjust the Itinerary according to your every request, this expedition starts from Kashgar China’s western most Silk Road Oasis City.
Difficulty level : K2 is second highest and hardest challenging peak ever to climb on Earth, it is located in the heart of Karakoram Mountain range right on the border between China and Pakistani Kashmir region, you can not only explore the K2 BC, but also can witness the towered other eight thousand and seven thousand numerous peaks located around the least visited side of Karakoram, if you want to do adventurous and least visited mountain expeditions, trekking to K2 north face from Kashgar is the best option as it has unique characteristics, cultures and landscapes. Access to K2 North Face is not terribly easy, the expedition will be strenuous, but not extreme that trek 5hrs to 7hrs per day on the steep rocky terrain sided river valleys at the elevation of 3500m to 4870m. Highest point that crosses through during trek is AghilPassat elevation of 4870m that will be crossed on the 3rd day of the expedition from Yilik where we start trekking and get on vehicle back to Kashgar. The expedition will be camel supported as we bring lots of equipment with us all the way until Sughet Jangal (locally known as China Base Camp) largest greenery in the area with lots of grass, bushes, and trees.Best time to do this Expedition: April, May, until mid-June, September and October.

Day 1 :

Arrive in Kashgar by flight , transfer to the Hotel


Arrive in Kashgar by flight, transfer to the Hotel, overnight in Kashgar.

Day 2 :

Drive to Karghilik ( Yecheng in Chinese)


Today drive to Karghilik with four wheel drive taking the Southern Silk Road leads us to the Karakoram, stop for lunch in former imperial Capital Yarkand Of Uyghur people few century ago, arrive Karghilik in the afternoon transfer to the Hotel.

Day 3 :

Karghilik to Yilik via Mazzar villlage


Drive to Yilik where is the last point that we could reach by vehicle and start our trek with camels, there is no way but driving on the Xinjiang – Tibet highway until Mazzar village, then further drive west break through the Karakoram to reach Yilik by crossing Yarkand river and Mountain passes, camping in Yilik.

Day 4 :

Yilik to Sarak ( su koshulush -river Juction )


Today we load all camels with our equipment in the morning, and start our breathtaking expedition to K2, after 5hrs trekking, we will arrive camp site on trerrace on side of junction of Surakwat and Shanksgam river, todays trek is smooth just walking on the stones in the narrow valleys, overnight camping.

Day 5 :

Sarak to Kotaz


Today we will trek up to small campsite Kotaz(4300m) at the boot of Aghil Pass (4870m), today’s trek will be preparation for our higher altitude and crossing Aghil pass next day, overnight camping at the boot of Aghil pass.

Day 6 :

Kotaz to cross Aghil pass and camp in Kerqin (Shaksgam )


Our trek today is going to be very difficult compared to the other days, because we cross 4870m Aghil pass with all of our equipment loaded on the camels , it takes 3 hrs to cross the pass, from the top of the pass ,there will be a great view of  Karakoram Mountain range ,and  camp on the other side of the pass named Kirqin at the elevation of 3900m . Overnight Camping.

Day 7 :

Kirqin to Ottur Jangal


Trek today is very smooth, slightly downward in altitude following the downstream of Shaksgam river, and arrive campsite in  Ottur Jangal on the way to  Sughet Jangal, overnight camping.

Day 8 :

Ottur Jangal to Sughet Jungal (ChinaBase Camp ofK2)


After short trek today we will have the first view of giant Mountain K2, arrive Sughet Jungle by following the Sarpo Lago River, Sughet Jungal is most green parts of Karakoram with grass, trees and bushes on the delta of K2 Glacier stream. Overnight camping in Sughet Jangal.

Day 9 to 11 :

Glacier exploration around the area


Visit the K2 North Glaciers in these Three days.

Day 12 :

Return Trek Sughet Jangal to Ottur Jangal


Today we will pack all our equipment same way trek back to Yilik

Day 13 :

Return Trek Ottur Jangal to Kerqin

Day 14 :

Return Trek Kerqin to Kotaz by Crossing Aghil Pass

Day 15 :

Return Trek Kotaz to Sarak

Day 16 :

Return Trek Sarak to Yilik


Today will bethe last day of the expedition as soon as arrive Yilik, unload all camels and prepare for going back to Kashgar by four wheel drive next day.

Day 17 :

Yilik to Kashgar by four wheel drive.


Arrive Kashgar in the evening and transfer to the Hotel.

Day 18 :

Transfer to airport leave Kashgar


End of service