22 Days Myanmar China Kyrgyzstan self driving tour from Muse to Torugart

Day 1

Hsipaw - Muse (Ruili)Border crossing

Day 2

Rui li - Bao shan 250km

Day 3

Bao shan - Chu xiong 340km

Day 4

Chu xiong - Kun Ming 160km

Day 5

Kun Ming - zhao tong 330km

Day 6

zhao tong - sui jiang 210km

Day 7

sui jiang - le shan 250km

Day 8

le shan - dou jiang yan 200km

Day 9

dou jiang yan - song fan 250km

Day 10

songfan - lang mu si 240km

Day 11

lang mu si -xia he 180km

Day 12

xia he - yong jing 160km

Day 13

yong jing - wu wei 300km

Day 14

wu wei - jia yu guan 460km

Day 15

jia yu guan - kumul 610km

Day 16

kumul - turpan 410km

Day 17

turpan - korla 390km

Day 18

korla - xin he 330km

Day 19

xin he - ke ping 380km

Day 20

he ping - kashgar 440km

Day 21


Day 22

Kashgar - torugart pass 180km


Service include


Documents/permits for  vehicles/motor bikes.

Health screening

Translation for document

temporary license and temporary number plate

Vehicle examination

Vehicle deceleration

Vehicle Insurance

English speaking Tour Guiding

Guiding vehicle

Hotel fee for guide in Tashkurgan

Meals for guide and driver

Service exclude


Meals for clients

Hotel for clients

Insurance for clients

Fuel for vehicles

Entrance fee

Toll station fee


Needed passenger’s information for the tour


Whole name


Birth Date



Passport Number

Passport Valid date

Driving license number

Driving license Valid date

– One Jpeg image each of your passport, driver license,

– One photo head shot of the driver(s) and rider(s)

Needed vehicle’s information for the tour



Vehicle brand and Model No

Engine Number

Frame number

Plate number


Fuel Type

Vehicle owner

Seat Number

output volume

Vehicle Weight

Production date(year,month, day)

Vehicle Value

– One Jpeg image of your vehicle registration.

– Four photographs of your car/bike, from the front, back and the the right and left sides.