9 Days Xinjiang tour to Tianshan mountains

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Urumqi - Heavenly Lake - Turpan - Korla - Bayinbulak Grassland - Narat Grassland - Ili(Gholja) - Sayram Lake - Urumqi



Tianshan mountain is a very big mountain range, stretches to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China. This trip covers the main part of Tianshan in Xinjiang. Our tour starts from Urumqi, visit the Turpan as a Historical city on the silk road and then drive to south to go along with southeast of Tianshan to Korla city. From Korla, drive into the Tianshan from south to north pass through Bayinbulak, Narat grassland and all the way to Ili(Ghulja), a city located very close to the Kazakhstan border. After Ghulja, drive from the north of Tianshan all the way back to the Urumqi, west to east. During this trip, you will visit some historical sites in Turpan. natural sites in and around the Tianshan mountains like lakes, grassland, forests and cities.

Day 1

Urumqi-Heavenly lake. (110 km).


Today we take a tour to Heavenly lake(Tianchi) around Urumqi, Heavenly lake is not far but about 1km up from Urumqi city by altitude. The lake surrounded with high mountain peaks of Tianshan. We are going to stay at Kazakh yurts around the lake. So that you are going to enjoy from the nature better including to see the sunset and night view of the high mountains.

Day 2

Heavenly lake - Turpan. (300 km).


It is going to be about 5 hours drive but not boring. On the way, we pass through many wind turbines, grassland, dry mountains, sand and stone desert and arrive Turpan oasis. After lunch, we start the Turpan tour from Jiaohe ancient city (UNESCO sight), Kariz underground water system and Imin minaret.( mosque and tower).

Day 3

Turpan to Korla (380 km).


From Turpan we will travel through big dry mountains before get the flat oasis at the east of Tianshan. We will visit the golden beach scenic spot of Bostan lake which the water comes from Tianshan. Korla is the second biggest city in Xinjiang after Urumqi, the area is famous for its fruits, especially for pears.

Day 4

Korla - Bayinbulak grassland. (400 km)


Start from korla city, Travel into the Tianshan, slowly accent to the higher altitude, finally arrive to the Bayinbulak grassland which is about 2500 meters above sea level.

Day 5

Bayinbulak- Narat grassland. (100km)


In the morning, Take a tour to the famous swan lake at Bayinbulak. After lunch travel to the Narat. On the way, you will enjoy from the best nature of Xinjiang, zig-zag mountain roads, high mountain forests, grassland, Mongol and kazakh nomads…

Day 6



In the morning, take a tour to Narat scenic spot by shuttle bus. Narat is a lower glassland than Bayinbulak but the whole area is very beautiful. The ethnic kazak people living there makes the area more diverse and colorful. In the afternoon, we drive around the town and sea some natural sights and views. At the evening, the special Kazak show will the highlight of your tour.

Day 7

Narat – Ili(Gholja) city. (250 km)


Whole morning, we drive through the middle of Tianshan to the west. The road mostly go along the Konas river, part of Ili river. Once or twice, we will stop to enjoy from the close view of the river and distant views of Tianshan. In the afternoon, enjoy the tour to old streets of Ili city. At the evening, have a dinner at good local restaurant, while observe local people’s entertainment.

Day 8

Ghulja-Sayram lake. (170km)


On the way, we travel though some parts of Tianshan and Asia’s number one bridge Guozigou(fruit valley) bridge, which is as high as some mountain peaks. In the afternoon, take a tour to Sayram lake scenic spot. The surface of the lake is 2100 meter above sea level. The three side of the lake surrounded with mountain and the other side is a beautiful grassland.

Day 9

Sayram lake- Urumqi. (580 km)


Today we travel to Urumqi from Sayram lake, Though the distance is long, but we drive all the way on high way, from the north of Tianhsan. On the way, you will notice the different landscape like semi desert, oasis, agricultural areas, towns and industrial areas.

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