China Border crossings with your own vehicle

We have many open borders in China,if you want to Travel to China by your own car or by your motorcycle,you can choose one of our borders, we will help you with all needed permit work as well as custom clearance services, and make your overland/self drive tours or motorcycle tours into your best memory.


In Xinjiang we have Torugart/torgat pass and Irkeshtam Pass between China and Kyrgyzstan, Khonjirap/Honjirap pass between China and Pakistan, Khorgos/Khorgas pass between China and Kazakhstan, Takeshiken Pass between China and Mongolia, In Yunnan we have Mohan pass between China and Laos, Ruili pass between China and Myanmar, In inner Mongolia, Erenhot pass between China and outer Mongolia etc. West China Expeditions is already experienced with all the borders and happy help you.

If you want to do self driving tours & overland tours or motorcycle tours in China by your own vehicle, you need especial permits and custom clearance services to cross the China border, and you need to find a very experienced good travel company to help you with all border crossing permits, you need to send all the needed information for the permit work to the travel company at least one month prior to your arrival to the border, if you travel to Tibet in your trip you better start the permit work at least two month prior to your arrival, because Tibet needs especial permits, travel company finish all the permit work and custom clearance services before your arrival so that you can cross the border smoothly without any problem.

West China expeditions are very experienced travel company in this Adventure tours and can help you with all the needed services, please visit our “Self driving & Overland tours” to understand more about our China Adventure tours.

All the services and Itinerary can be adjusted to your own needs, Please contact us via email if you are interest in our Tours, we are ready to offer you the best travel services !