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Flaming Mountain


The Flaming Mountain is located in the Tianshan Mountain range,on the northern edge of the Turpan Basin, lies near the northern rim of the Taklamakan Desert. The Flaming Mountains were formed in the organic movements of the Himalayas fifty million years ago. With the reputation of a place that “flying birds even 500 kilometers away dare not to come”, the Flaming Mountains act like a giant natural dam of the underground reservoir in the basin. The mountain climate is harsh, and the extremely high summer temperatures make this the hottest spot in China, frequently reaching 50 °C (122 °F) or higher.. Composed mainly of red sandstone, the mountains look like raging flames in the blazing sun, which gives them the name “Flaming Mountains”. In midsummer, the temperature waves may reach 80 Degree Celsius. this place is an intensely hot part of the desert without a single blade of grass to be seen for miles. In the severe heat of July, the Flaming Mountains seem to be on fire in the burning sun and become a purplish-brown color. Hot steam rises upwards from the burning cliffs and it is no surprise that this is where the hottest temperatures in China ever, were recorded.