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Heavenly lake(Tianchi)


As a natural alpine lake, Heavenly lake(Tianchi) has an elevation of 1,980 meters. In the shape of a half moon, With limpid water, the lake shines like a sapphire under the sun and is surrounded by green mountains. At the southeast end of the lake is the magnificent Bogda Peak, meaning “Sacred Mountain” in the Mongolian language.The Bogeda Peak, 5445 meters above sea level, is the highest peak of the eastern part of the Tianshan Mountains The Tianchi Lake scenic area can be divided into four natural view belts: lower mountain belt, mountain coniferous forest belt, alpine and subalpine belt, and ice and snow belt. Riding a horse, one can, within one day, arrive at the foot of Bogda Peak. Bogda Peak was covered by ice and snow all the year round and thus like wearing a body armor, The Bogda Peak is one of the mountain peaks chosen by Chinese and foreign mountain climbers for climbing sports.