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Jiaohe(Yarghol) Ruins


It is a natural fortress located on the top of a steep cliff a leaf-shaped plateau between two deep river valleys. The river water was distributed in different directions surrounding the city and therefore named Yarghul in uyghur language and Jiaohe in Chinese, meaning “confluence of rivers”. As the political, economic, military and cultural center of this area, Jiaohe was the capital of Kangkil former kingdom, one of the thirty six kingdoms in the Western Regions. Jiaohe ruins were first built by the people of Kangkil (Cheshi), about 2,000-2300 years from now. Because of the erosion of the river water, the periphery of the platform became precipice as high as 30 meters, therefore it was very precipitous and easy to guard which made it become a place fought for by armies since ancient times. Ancient city of Jiaohe is a UNESCO site, the site is one of the best preserved and biggest soil structured city ruins in China, thanks to the very dry climate of Turpan area. There are many structures still visible like city gates, underground palace, Buddha temples…