Kanas Lake


The Kanas Lake situated 140km north of Burqin county, it also called “Hanas”, means a place where is beautiful, rich, and mysterious in Mongolian language. It is state level 5A degree natural reserve and the most beautiful place in Western China. All the natural landscape zone covers an area of 10000 square kilometers. The Kanas Lake actually a broadest part of Kanas River which joins to the Burqin and Irtish river in the end. The water comes from the glaciers of the Friendship peak which is 4374m above sea level and the highest point of the Altay mountains. It looks like a crescent moon, the lake is 24km long and about 2km wide, averagely 90m deep and 184m at the deepest point. The altitude of the water surface is 1340 meters above sea level.