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Karamay Ghost Town


The “Ghost Town”in the desert is situated in Wuerhe, about 100 kilometers north of Karamay city, in the northern edge of Junggar Basin, the Ghost Town is a spot in northern Xinjiang where wind blows almost everyday. covers an area of 100,000 square meters. It is one of the few typical wind erosion physiognomies in the world, the Ghost City has become a famous tourist area for its unique landform and the howling wind. When great winds or sand storms rose, they roared through the town like howling ghosts with sand and dust blocking out the sky. The howl came closer and closer, sometimes it was sharp, sometimes hoarse and sometimes like the howl of a wolf which made people’s hair stand on end. The color of soil here is vary from red to black, mostly tend to yellow. After erosion by wind and water, the raised stratum of the Ghost City has been carved into great mounds with various shapes and an average height of 10 meters (33 feet). Some mounds look like castles, temples, pavilions and beacons of the city wall, while some resemble lions, horses, turtles, and eagles.