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Kashgar old city


The old part of Kashgar is located in the center of the city. The Old Town is entirely populated by the Uyghur ethnic group, and the houses take on distinct cultural characteristics. “Almost every Uyghur house has a small courtyard. The houses are usually made of earth, wood or bricks and some are hundreds of years old. Winding alleyways flanked by wood and mud-brick houses all lead to the Idkah Mosque in the center of town. The surrounding streets are crowded with shops selling cloth, pottery, hardware, and even dental services. Building facades carved with intricate wooden patterns in yellows, oranges, and pale blues bring the sunrise to the Old Town’s streets. The residential area has a long history and most of ancient houses have existed for a few centuries. Most homes are handed down through seven or eight generations. Due to the Uygur’s strong belief of ancestors some large houses have up to 20 rooms on two-three levels. The structure roof, walls, doors, windows and colors remain unchanged for centuries. One home often reflects the history of a clan which is full of fertilities, developing, vicissitude and descendant continuance.