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Kashgar Sunday Bazaar


Kashgar’s Sunday Bazaar also called grand bazaar is not only the focal point of uyghur’s local life, but also the typical place for visitors to explore the local customs, every bazaar day people from inner or outer city flock here to shop, it is key area for chatting, socializing. the word “Bazaar”was previously derived from the Persians, fair or market in Uyghur language, and it refers to a public place outside the home for gatherings. the earliest bazaar was for trade, and more importantly for communication. When the media was in it’s infancy period what was bazaar for ? It was a public space to discuss social issues and exchange information. The bazaar became a form of kashgar lifestyle. Kashgar’s life would be empty without the bazaar. The Bazaar is more than kashgar uyghur’s material guarantee it is also the spiritual paradise. There is a saying among uyghurs “no worries with bazaar” the bazaar not only the flux Uyghur business wisdom but part of their life also. Basically, the Uyghur likes running business, Uyghur people have a saying, “if there is no sales today, one can sell the left pocket to the right pocket”.