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Kezil thousand Buddha Caves


Kizil Thousand Buddah Caves are considered the earliest Buddha caves in China. The Caves was built during 3-6 century, Buddhism flourished until 7th century and abandoned in 8th century. The caves located about 75kilometers northwest of Kucha. It is the largest Buddhism site in the region. On the way to the caves, the road go through a dry, reddish mountain and kind of terrace hills, gives you incredible landscape views. Originally 236 caves was dug on the dazzling wall of mountain, but many of them has been destroyed by 12 centuries of natural deserters, ‘archaeologists’ (cultural thieves) and religious zealots. Still, the massive amounts of murals and status in the caves exists, they show us the splendid Buddhism arts and glorious Buddhism history of Kucha during 3-8th century period. The findings show that the artisans inspired by Afghan, Indian and Persian arts, a solid proof that Kucha was ethnically very divers place.