One day Kashgar City Tour



Kashgar located to the southwest of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.  The Taklimakan Desert is on its east, Karakoram Mountain is on its south, the Pamir is on its west and it is next to five countries, namely Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. The city’s historical importance originates from the fact that it was a pivotal city along the Silk Road in ancient times. There were three paths of the silk road in Xinjiang area, and Kashgar is place where the two middle and south branches met in ancient times. Trade and other commercial activities were largely conducted in Kashgar, as caravans from the West and other parts of the world stopped to exchange and buy goods.

Kashgar city sight seeing


High light: Livestock Market, Sunday Market, Apak hoja tomb, Old town of Kashgar, Idkah Mosque.

In the morning drive to the Livestock market 15km west of Kashgar city, it is a place you can have unforgettable experience, it is a trace of silk road Market where you can see thousands of local animals,and the business there is very interesting, after you walked around the animal Market we go back to the city for the Sunday Market witch is like a window show you the colorful  life,and it is the best place to understand Uyghur people. After lunch you will visit the Apak hoja tomb witch was build 1640 by Apak hoja’s father, whoja family ruled Kashgar area from mid 17 to mid 18 century, you can see the unique Uyghur islamic buildings. After finish visiting the tomb go to the Old town of Kashgar witch located center of todays Kashgar city, there you can see people still living in their beautiful old building style hoses, and the streets are very attracting. At the end visit the biggest Arabic style mosque in China Inkah mosque witch was build in 1442 by the local ruler of Kashgar and it is the center of islam for Xinjiang people, 50 thaosand people can pray in one time. end the tour.

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