One day Kashgar tour to Dawakol desert



Dawakun Desert is located in Yuepuhu County, 130 kilometers away from the city of Kashgar and the transportation is very convenient. Dawakun Desert is about 20 thousand acres of natural flowing lake surrounded by the desert of 329,473 acres. In summer, the lake has a wide expanse of mist-covered waters. The yacht and the laughter break the silence of the lake. On the beach, people can enjoy the sunbathing. Under the colorful parasols, visitors can enjoy tasting the baked complete sheep, chicken, mutton, fish , other Uighur ethnic flavor meal and various types of fruits.

Kashgar - Dawakol desert, 120km, 2hours


High lights: Dawakol desert, Camel riding, Desert car  

We start the tour After breakfast 8:00am (local time), it will take about 2hours to get Dawakol desert witch is in Yopurgha county very close to west Taklamakan Desert witch is the second largest shifting sand desert in the world covering an area of 337,600 Square Kilometers. when we got the Dawakol desert we can either ride camel or Desert car to explore the desert dunes,driving on the high sand dunes will give you rather exciting moments and you won’t forget that, it is a fun and pleasant experience to walking around the desert, there are very good local restaurants near the desert, and it is a good choice to have lunch there, after lunch you can extend the tour as long as you desire.back to Kashgar end the tour.

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