One day Turpan tour to kumtagh mountain



The Kum Tag Desert, which covers an area of 2,500 square kilometers, is the nearest desert to a city in the world as it is only one kilometer away from the town of Shanshan. The Kumtag (“kum tagh” in Uighur, meaning “sand mountain”)  is located in Turpan in northwestern China. Like all deserts, the temperature in the Kumtag Shamo varies from freezing at night to baking during the day. Here the hues of the barren sand desert with its thick yellow sand and those of the gobi type desert with its lunar-like, gravelly surface, contrast with the lusher green area 500 km to the south, where the mighty Yangtze River flows. Birds can be seen flittering about in the skies of Kumtag Shamo as the sound of tinkling bells focuses one’s attention on approaching camels.  There is beauty and charm in the Kumtag Shamo.

Urumqi - kumtagh mountain Turpan, 280km, 4hours


High lights: Dabancheng wind power station, salt lake, kumtagh mountain, Flaming mountain, Bezeklik thousand buddha caves.

We start the tour from Urumqi at 8:30 am (Beijing time), on the way we will see the biggest wind power station in China Dabancheng wind power station witch located the air flew channel between South Xinjiang and North Xinjiang where average speed wind available in whole year, Salt lake witch is also called dead sea of China, each liter water contains 300g salt, after arrive in Piqan we will have lunch firstly, after lunch go to the Kumtagh mountain witch is one of the most beautiful part of north Taklamakan desert, after finish in the beautiful reddish desert we go back to Urumqi, on the way we will visit Flaming mountain witch is the hottest place in Turpan, it looks like flaming from the distance and the landscape is very charming,Bezeklik thousand buddha caves witch was the Buddhism temple of ancient Idkut people was start to build from 5th AD, the vivid paintings are the witness of flourished Buddhism in Xinjiang. Go back to Urumqi and end the tour.

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