One day Urumqi tour to Nanshan(south mountain)



south mountain is about 70 kilometers south of Urumqi that is kind of like Colorado high-mountain grassland, but greener, and there are evergreens. It is about two hours away from Urumqi, and people like to go there in the hot summers. There Kazaks continue to herd sheep, cattle and horses like their ancestors in a landscape of snow-covered peaks and emerald-green grasslands. The Kazakhs will guide you on tours on their horses, and you can have exotic meals and stay in their yurts inexpensively. A highlight in the South Pasture area is a glacier in the higher elevations of Nan Shan that is called Number One Glacier that you can travel to see by automobile.

Urumqi - Nanshan (south mountain), 75km, 1.5 hour


Our guide will pick you up from your Hotel, leave for Nanshan early in the morning, you have lunch local kazak family there and also have chance to ride horse, back to Urumqi after finish sight seeing. NanShan Pasture is located among the vast mountain ranges of the northern slopes of Kalawucheng Mountains of Northern Tianshan Mountains in the south of Urumqi, and it is 75km from the city with an elevation of 2,252m. The pasture is surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks and undulate hills and covered with lush trees and beautiful flowers; it is really charming for the springs, flocks of cattle and sheep, and the dotted yurts. There are dozens of ravines in different sizes distributed in parallel from west to east, making it a high-class natural pasture and a resort for summering and tour. In winter, it is also a famous ski resort.

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