Travel to Aksu

Travel to Aksu


Aksu city located in the northwest edge of the Taklamakan desert, in the upstream of Tarim river, named because of water, means “white water” in the Uyghur language. Aksu was the place where the two ancient kingdoms, Kumak(Gumo) and Wensu of the thirty six kingdoms of Western Regions were located during the Qin and Han dynasties. It is one of the important post on the ancient silk road, is also the birthplace of Kushan(Qiuci) culture and Dolan culture. is the political, economic and cultural center of Aksu prefecture. Aksu prefecture has 8 counties 1 city, 84 towns, covers an area of 13.25 thousand square kilometers. In 2016, the total population of Aksu region was 250.83 million (excluding Alar); it is composed of 36 nationalities and is a multi-ethnic settlement area with Uyghur as its main body.

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