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Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China. It is nearest city to The Asian continent geographical center. Lies in northern foot of the Tianshan mountain. When there is nice weather, you can see the mountain peaks covered with snow in the city. Urumqi is the biggest city in the region with about four million populations. It is the political, traffic, economic, cultural, educational center of Xinjiang province. Urumqi is the spelling of ancient Jungar Mongolian language means “beautiful pastures”. Urumqi city was an important stop along the ancient Silk Road, leading to the Central Asia and even as far as Europe. It was a major hub on the Silk Road during the 6-9 centuries, and developed its reputation as a leading cultural and commercial center during the Qing dynasty. Urumqi’s industrial plants, educational institutes and commercial activities are the hub of xinjiang’s economy. It is a major industrial center within is also the largest consumer center in the region. There are four major ethnic groups in the city, Han Chinese, Hui, Uighur and Kazak. Regardless of ethnicity, almost everyone can speak different level of Mandarin, however in south part of the city Uighur language is dominant. (Uighur, Kazakh and Kyrgyz people gathered).

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