Two Days Turpan Tour to Sand Therapy

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Urumqi - Dabancheng Wind Power Station - Karez - Jiaohe Ruined City - Sand Treatment Center - Urumqi


long-terms of study showed that the sand therapy is the Green therapy process, combination of heat therapy, magnetic therapy and light therapy.It mainly treat the diseases of rheumatoid  arthritis,chill arthritis,waist and leg pain, sciatica, muscle atrophy, vitiligo, urticaria, abnormal mucus qualitative renal failure, prostatitis, leucorrhea increase and paralysis etc. The effect is more obvious If used in conjunction with the Internal and external application of Uighur medicine.

Day 1

Urumqi to Turpan, 190km,3hours


Dabancheng wind power station, salt lake, Karez underground irrigation system,  Jiaohe ruined city,  sand treatment center

In the morning, our guide will pick you up from the Hotel, then travel to Turpan, on the way you will see the biggest wind power station of China – Dabancheng wind power station, the dead sea of China – salt lake, after you arrive Turpan visit Karez underground irrigation system, then have lunch in local restaurant, afternoon visit the Jiao he ruined city, at the end go to the Turpan sand treatment center for therapy, you will have time there as long as you want and back to Hotel to rest, overnight in Turpan.

Day 2

Turpan to Urumqi, 190km,3hours


After breakfast, we check out and go to the sand treatment center again, after you get there stay as long as you want and back to Urumqi, end the tour.

The best time to sand therapy


Every year, between June 5th – August 25th, is the best time to sand therapy in Turpan, in summer daytime temperatures of Turpan is as high as 38-44 ℃, and the surface temperature of sand dune can reach 70-82 ℃, Daily local time 09:00 – 11:00 and 15:00 – 18:00 is the most appropriate treatment time, during this period the temperature of the area 10 cm deep under the sand is 60 ℃ or so. Even if there is average sand temperature, week sunlight, the sand dune temperature is still high.

Sand treatment method


Firstly dig a bunker under the sand dune for 30-40cm deep, 100-150cm long, 70-80cm wide.Sand therapy doctor cover the illness part of patient’s body by the 10cm thick of sand , the chest is forbid to covered by sand ,generally change the bunker by 30 minutes.While the switch the bunker you must take a break till the whole body sweat dried and then bury in sand again. Generally the one time Course of treatment is 2 hours a day, 10 to 15 days. Due to the temperature of sand is higher than air temperature, while burying under the sand body loss big amount of water, in order to maintain the body fluid balance should timely drink water or light salt brine.

Sand therapy considerations


1.With active tuberculosis, severity of heart disease, anemia, severe liver function damage, postpartum anemia, pregnant women,women’s menstrual period, open impetigo disease patients are Not suitableto sand therapy.So before the therapy patients should do a medical check.

2.In the process of sand therapy, need to use high-energy food supplements, and have the food reasonably according to doctor’s instruction. In order to provide the energy for the body timely, prepare the boiled water and food. Alcohol, cold food and cold drinksare forbidden during the therapy ,toavoid get cold put on the blanket after sweating.

3.The sand therapy duration can’t be more than three hours a day.

4.To avoid excessive sunlightthehead and eyes of the patient should be protected well during the sand therapy.

5.During thesand therapy if there are adverse reactionof dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, asthma, eyes sting etc, sand therapy should be stopped immediately, rest in the shade and consult the doctor in time.

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