5 Days Winter Vacation Tour in Xinjiang

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Urumqi - Xinjiang Silk Road Ski Resort - Turpan - Heavenly Lake - Urumqi

Day 1

After arrival, transport to the Hotel.

Day 2

Urumqi-Xinjiang Silk Road Ski Resort – Urumqi, 60km,1.5hour


The silk road ski resort is located in the national forest park of Nanshan scenic area. It is located in the north slope of Tianshan mountain. In winter, the temperature is around minus 10 degrees CelsiusIt is warm in winter and cool in summer, sunny and fresh in air, it is the largest tourist ski resort in northwest China with international standard. The ski resort is equipped with six snow paths of three levels: primary, middle and high, which can meet the personalized needs of different skiers. Overnight in Urumqi.

Day 3



Visit the flaming mountain, jiahe old city, karez well,Enjoy the roasted whole lamb.

Flame mountain stands over 100 km in length, 10 km in width and more than 500 meters above sea level in the northern Turpan basin.The “book of mountains and seas” calls it “the mountain of fire”. It is “kizil tagh”, in the uyghur language, meaning red mountain, which was once called “chishi mountain” in the sui and tang dynasties. Flaming mountain Twists and turns’all around andthere is no grass at all.

Jiaohe ancient city is the world’s largest and oldest living soil architectural city remains, is the seat of military and political institutions in the western region of the tang dynasty.In the 14th century, after many years of brutal war, the Mongol aristocracy and other rebel forces broke through Gaochang and Jiaohe successively, and the city-state gradually declined and was finally abandoned.

Karez is a special irrigation system in desert area,Common in Turpan, Xinjiang, China.Karez, along with the Great Wall and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, are known as the three ancient Chinese projects.Overnight in Turpan.

Day 4

Turpan-Heavenly Lake,300km,4hour


Tianshan Heavenly Lake(Tianchi) is a world natural heritage, national geopark, It is mainly characterized by complete vertical natural landscape belt, snow mountain glacier and alpine lake.The ancient Yao pool west mother myth and unique folk customs stands for cultural connotation,It is the best place for sightseeing, leisure and fitness.

Wu jiang (Five rivers) hot spring is located at the foot of Heavenly Lake, After visiting Tianshan Tianchi, give your body and mind a place to rest,Enjoy your holiday time,While enjoying the hot spring, you can also enjoy the outdoor snow scene and experience the intimate contact with nature.Overnight in Heavenly Lake or Urumqi.

Day 5

Take you to the airport, Return to your sweet home.