Sayram Lake


The Sayram Lake located in the western Tianshan Mountains, near the Wuyi Road, it is 93km away from Bole City. It was once called “Milk Sea”. The lake is 30km long from east to west, and 27km wide from north to south with a water area of 458 square kilometers. Averagely 46m deep and 92m at the deepest point. The altitude of the lake surface is 2,073m, it is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Sayram Lake is surrounded by mountains in the three sides. In summer, the forests beside the lake are lush and the streams are clear, and the grass and flowers all grow luxuriantly; on the vast grassland, yurts scatter here and there with smoke curling up, cattle and sheep are everywhere, and horses run freely, forming a rough and profound pasture landscape painting.